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Redeeming Love

Feature Film
About: Based on the bestselling novel by Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love is a powerful retelling of the biblical book of Hosea set against the romantic backdrop of the California Gold Rush of 1850. It is a life-changing story of the power of unconditional and all-consuming love. Redeeming Love shows there is no brokenness that love can’t heal.
Production Companies / Commissioned by: Mission Pictures/Pure Flix/Ntibah Pictures
Key SA Crew: Johhny Breedt (Production Designer); Moira Anne Meyer (Costume Designers); Rogier Stoffers (DOP).

Good Hope

Feature Documentary
About: A feature-length, ‘state of the nation’ cinema documentary which explores the recent crises of confidence in South Africa and what the next generation and civil society are doing to create a brighter future.
Production Companies / Commissioned by: Elysian Films/Meteor 17/Moonlighting Films
Key SA Crew: Editor: Tanya Hagan  DOP: Charl Fraser

Holiday in the Wild

Feature Film
About: Jilted by her husband on the eve of embarking on an African safari, a woman travels to the continent alone where she meets an elephant conservationist. Shot on location in Cape Town, Hoedspruit and Zambia.
Commissioned by Netflix
Key SA Crew: Emelia Roux (Production Designer); Moira Meyer (Costume Designers); Hein de Vos (DOP). 


Feature Film
About: Based on the biblical story. After losing the love of his life to a cruel Philistine prince, a young Hebrew with supernatural strength defends his people, sacrificing everything to avenge his love, his people and his God.
In conjunction with Pure Flix Productions and Boomtown Films
Key SA Crew: Bruce Macdonald (Director) Dihantus Engelbrecht (Costume Designers); Trevor Michael Brown (DOP).

A United Kingdom

Feature Film
About: The story of King Seretse Khama of Botswana and how his loving but controversial marriage to a British white woman, Ruth Williams, put his kingdom into political and diplomatic turmoil.
Shot on Location in Botswana
Production Companies: Pathé, BBC and Ingenious Media

Of Kings and Prophets

9 x 60min Episode Television Series
About: A biblical drama centered around a battle-weary king, a powerful and resentful prophet and a resourceful young shepherd.
Shot on Location in Cape Town and Western Cape
Commissioned by ABC Studios
Key SA Crew: Johnny Breedt (Production Designer); Moira Meyer & Neil McClean (Costume Designers); Trevor Brown & Michael Snyman (DOP’s); Andre Weavind & Danie van Rensburg (1st AD’s)


Breathe – Umphefumlo

Feature Film
About: The striking and brutal realities of the students struggling for food, shelter and medication. Mimi’s death from TB – and her illness unnoticed at first even by her closest friends – cannot but send a chilling chord in our modern world. Adopted to a South African setting from Puccini’s acclaimed opera, La Boheme.
Shot on Location in Cape Town
Key SA Crew:
All South African crew.



Feature Film
About: UITVLUCHT tells the story of Anna, a teacher who through an error in judgement  loses everything that matters to her in life. In her heartache she finds a job at a farm school called Uitvlucht in the Eastern Cape.  As she is confronted with the choices she made in her life she slowly start experiencing healing and restoration and learns to forgive herself and love again.
Shot on Location in Cape Town and Eastern Cape over 4 weeks
Key SA Crew: All South African crew.


Jamillah & Aladdin

26 x 15min Episode TV Series
About: Once upon a time, Jamillah finds a genie lamp in her grandfather’s attic. She jokingly asks if there’s a Genie in there. But to her surprise one comes out! Genie tells her he can grant her a wish and so Jamillah asks for what she’s always wanted – an adventure somewhere wonderful. Genie takes her hand and leads her into the book of Aladdin’s stories where magic and mayhem await….
Commissioned by: BBC; CBBC
Production Companies:
Kindle Entertainment
Shot on Location in Cape Town over over 11 weeks
Key SA Crew: Catherine Cook (Director) Trevor Brown, Nick Hofmeyr, (DOP) Birrie le Roux (Production Designer); Diana Cilliers & Dihantus Engelbrecht (Costume Designers) Cathy Poole, Danie van Rensburg (1st AD’s)


Hollywood in my huis

Feature Film
About: A coming-of-age romantic comedy set against the backdrop of 2004’s matric dance. Jana van Tonder, a wallflower – witnesses Charlize Theron’s iconic Oscar win and is inspired to transform her upcoming matric dance into her very own Hollywood Red Carpet moment.
Shot on Location in Cape Town  over 4 weeks
Key SA Crew: All South African crew.


Die Ontwaking

Feature Film
About: A gruesome and action packed crime-thriller. “Die Ontwaking” explores the psyche and motivations of a serial killer, Abel, who is also currently curating a collection of tattoo’s belonging to beautiful female victims, that will fit his Cosmic Journal theme. Ella Nesser is the attractive, but inexperienced murder detective in charge of the case. For his upcoming birthday, Abel has a special gift in mind for himself – a new face : that of a beautiful young woman, perhaps that of a young female detective.
Shot on Location in Cape Town over 3weeks
Key SA Crew: All South African crew.