Advantage Entertainment | About
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Company Profile

Founded and run by Vlokkie Gordon, Advantage Entertainment is a one-stop-shop in feature film and television project assessment, production execution and financial packaging that provides all production and co-production support. 

Advantage Entertainment is an indispensable partner and producer – working hard to realise the full creative and worldwide commercial potential of each film production.

In a career spanning over 30 years in the entertainment industry and numerous International TV-series, feature films and co-productions, as a producer Vlokkie’s  specific skill-set is budgeting, scheduling, and planning of logistically complex productions. She also has extensive experience in finance structures and production packaging, where she regularly engages with South Africa’s key Government Industry Structures and funding organs. 

Advantage Entertainment offers local and international film and TV producers advise on the production aspects of their projects, including the management of the various applications, sees the project through until final delivery of the rebate and final co-production ruling. Advantage Entertainment holds preferred relationships with industry suppliers from transportation, Studio Hire, Post Production, VFX and all filming equipment.